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C3db, Candida Cell Cycle database, represents a resource-center that will help researchers to visualize, analyze and download data related to the transcriptional analysis of the Candida albicans cell cycle.

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C3db is also a multispecies comparison platform combining whole-genome expression profiles in cell-cycle of synchronized cultures with homologous genes conservation in C. albicans, S. cerevisiae, S. pombe and H. sapiens.

Orthologous gene groups have been created using potential protein sequence paralogs within each organism combined with their closest sequence homologs in the other species. A total of 2168 orthologous gene groups, with at least one protein member in each of the four species, were constructed from published lists of interspecies orthologs.

Citation: Pierre Côte, Hervé Hogues and Malcolm Whiteway. Transcriptional analysis of the Candida albicans cell cycle. 2009. Mol. Biol. Cell

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